bill of exchange protest

bill of exchange protest
протест векселя

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  • protest — pro·test n 1: a solemn declaration of opinion and usu. of disagreement: as a: a solemn written declaration by a notary public or U.S. consul on behalf of the holder of an instrument (as a note) announcing dishonor and declaring the liability of… …   Law dictionary

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  • protest — noun / prəυtest/ 1. a statement or action to show that you do not approve of something ● to make a protest against high prices 2. an official document which proves that a bill of exchange has not been paid ■ verb /prə test/ ♦ to protest a bill to …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • protest — noun / prəυtest/ an official document which proves that a bill of exchange has not been paid ■ verb /prə test/ ♦ to protest a bill to draw up a document to prove that a bill of exchange has not been paid …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • protest — A certificate signed by a notary public at the request of the holder of a bill of exchange that has been refused payment or acceptance. It is a legal requirement after noting the bill (see also acceptance supra protest). The same procedure can… …   Big dictionary of business and management

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  • re-exchange — A matter of indemnity to the holder of a bill for the loss he sustains by the failure of the drawee to pay the amount at the time and place, and in the money, called for in the bill. Furness, W. & Co. v Rothe (CA4 Va) 286 F 870, 27 ALR 1185. The… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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